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Top Ten Videos — October 25 2021

G. Edward Griffin: We’re on the brink of totalitarianism; get out of banks and into physical … Peter Boockvar: Gold will double as the Fed tightens and the economy flatlines … Egon von Greyerz: Debt will overwhelm markets, gold will soar … Mike Maloney: USA is standing on a trapdoor … Paul Tudor-Jones: Inflation is death for a 60/40 portfolio …


Gold Discovery: US$0.25 Gold Stock Set to Deliver Massive Gains

Gold & copper are rising! And smart investors are loading up on a tiny mining firm trading undiscovered by Wall St below 25 cents a share. Led by an incredible team of mining professionals, this upstart firm is already hitting high-grade gold-copper with every turn of the drill. It’s one of those rare opportunities where the next drill hole could send the company’s shares upward by several-fold.

More details here…

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