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Vince Lanci: Why silver’s price has been lagging gold’s…Hemke: No interest in COMEX silver…Gold’s Short Squeeze Continues…Banyan gold jumps on step out drilling results…Gold or

Breaking News

Central banks piling on the pressure…Wall Street warns of riskiest US debt limit showdown since 2011…Something’s gotta give…Rubino: We’re close to a death spiral in

The “Pain Trade” Is Higher For Now

Guest post by Lance Roberts from RealInvestmentAdvice.com: The “pain trade” is likely higher over the next few weeks. I touched on this topic in this past weekend’s “Bull

Top Three Videos – Jan. 28 2023

John Rubino: We’re Close To A Death Spiral In The Financial System… Rick Rule: Shortages In Key Natural Resources To Define Next Decade… #LiedSuddenly… John

Top Three Videos – Jan. 27 2023

No more trading or ownership of stock by members of Congress… Trudeau swarmed by protesters… Exploring “Mutating” COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccines… No more trading

MN Gordon: Debt Ceilings are for Idiots

Guest post by MN Gordon from Economic Prism: Clear thinking.  Logical assumptions.  Well-reasoned conclusions.  Such principles are in low supply these days.  But are they

Top Three Videos – Jan. 26 2023

James Howard Kunstler: Centralized Control – Too Big To Succeed… Taking Health Advice from the government… Ted Oakley: Expect A Mass Die-Off Of Public Companies

Debt Ceiling Theater, The 2023 Revival

Guest post by James Harrigan and Anthony Davies at the American Institute for Economic Research: It’s time again for Debt Ceiling Theater. Since 1940, Americans

Top Three Videos – Jan. 25 2023

Matthew Piepenburg: The Great Reset – Weaponizing Our Debt-Soaked World… Milton Friedman Crushes Man’s 3 Questions like Dixie Cups… Andy Schectman: ‘Silver Has Become a

John Hussman: Pushing Your Luck

Guest post by John Hussman from Hussman Funds: One can go some distance in a mine field without anything blowing up – it’s just that

Jeff Deist: The New Rules of Engagement

Guest post by Jeff Deist, Executive Director at the Mises Institute: Not that long ago, my grandparents explained to me why they never discussed politics,

Top Three Videos – Jan. 24 2023

Rick Rule: Has Silver Bottomed Or Are We Going Lower? Ronald Peter Stoeferle: On Sprott Money’s “Ask the Expert” How many people arrested were arrested

Top Ten Videos – January 23 2023

Brent Cook: I See Great Opportunity in Gold & Silver Mining Stocks Right Now…Radio Rothbard: How the Fed Fuels the WEF’s Managerial Revolution…Alasdair Macleod: Huge

Top Three Videos – Jan. 22 2023

Russell Brand: Is Climate Change A Real Threat? With Bjørn Lomborg… New Zealand’s new PM is worse than Jacinda Arden… VP Kamala Harris explains Equity…

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