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Top Ten Videos – November 7 2022

John Rubino: If Comex Runs of Silver Expect Panic Buying…Alasdair Macleod: Credit Suisse Rescue Catastrophic…Lead-Lag Live with Marc Faber…Jeff Deist: The Pretense of Democracy…The MAGA King…Twitter Starts Charging $8/Month for Verification Tag…Jim Rickards: Liquidity Crisis + Recession + Unrest – Will 2023 Be Worse Than 2008?…Bob Moriarty: ‘First Worldwide Global Revolution’ Now Underway…Halloween Share: Hang On, Now They (Elites)Want Your BLOOD?!…How a Shortage of Rare Earth Metals Will Impact Us All…BONUS: Democrat Midterm Ad: Vote For The Status Quo


John Rubino:

If Comex Runs of Silver Expect Panic Buying


Alasdair Macleod:

Credit Suisse Rescue Catastrophic


Lead-Lag Live with

Marc Faber


Jeff Deist:

The Pretense of Democracy



Twitter Starts Charging $8/Month for Verification Tag



Bob Moriarty:

‘First Worldwide Global Revolution’ Now Underway





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