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Exactly Which Dystopian Novel Are We Living In?

There’s a debate going on among the disaffected/terrified over which dystopian novel we’re now living in. Some point to social media addiction and designer drugs to suggest Brave New World. Others see mass surveillance and pandemic lockdowns as putting us squarely in 1984. Still others cite online censorship and cancel culture as favoring Fahrenheit 451.

Each of these opinions seems valid, which is confusing. A prisoner should know the shape of their cell. So it’s a relief to find out that someone (not sure who) has settled the argument by creating the following Venn diagram (Tweeted by our friend David Morgan). Turns out we’re not in a single dystopian novel. We’re in all of them simultaneously.

Dystopian novel


$2 Small-Cap Uranium Stock Set for Big Gains in 2022 Bull Run

Small-cap Uranium stocks are soaring. Most have already doubled as Uranium cranks higher. But that’s nothing compared to the gains ahead in the new Uranium bull market. The last time we saw something like this, well-positioned investors made 10X, 100X and up to 1,000X their money. We’ve uncovered the top $2 Uranium stock for 2021-22 riches.

Smart investors will not be hesitating on this one.

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