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Top 10 Videos

Top Ten Videos – January 30 2023

John Rubino: We’re Close To A Death Spiral In The Financial System…Mike Maloney: Investing In Gold Mining Stocks? WATCH THIS FIRST!…Radio Rothbard: After the Boom

Top Ten Videos – January 23 2023

Brent Cook: I See Great Opportunity in Gold & Silver Mining Stocks Right Now…Radio Rothbard: How the Fed Fuels the WEF’s Managerial Revolution…Alasdair Macleod: Huge

Top Ten Videos – January 16 2023

Joe Mazumdar: 2023 Copper, Gold Outlook in Mining…Jordan Roy-Byrne: Gold, the Most Significant Breakout in 50 Years…Jordan Peterson and Chloe Cole: Detransition: The Wounds That

Top Ten Videos – January 9 2023

John Rubino: Markets To Fall Into ‘Blind Panic’ As System Breaks & Money Fails In 2023?…4 Ways to Make Congress Great Again…Silver Will Soar In

Top Ten Videos – January 2 2023

One Nation Under BlackMail…Bob Moriarty: More Chaos In 2023 As BRICS Gain Power…The Most Traumatizing Events From 2022!..Rafi Farber: Happy 2023 to all the Silver

Top Ten Videos – December 26 2022

Peter Schiff: The Inflationary Nightmare – Biggest Bubble to Biggest Bust…Alasdair Macleod: World To Abandon US As Dollar Crumbles…John Rubino: Seeking Shelter from the Impending

Top Ten Videos – December 19 2022

Adam Schiff straight up admits to blackmailing Big Tech companies…Pricing Oil In Gold Is “Inevitable”…Lawrence Lepard: Gold, Silver Rally on Lack of Faith in Fed…Thomas

Top Ten Videos – December 12 2022

Michael Pento: The Fed is Stealing Your Retirement…Jeffrey Sachs: You Must Know This Situation In America…Rick Rule: Water Shortage Situation Critical: Our Time is Up…Gold’s

Top Ten Videos – November 28 2022

Matthew Piepenburg: Fed Must INFLATE; Investors Are Waking Up…John Rubino: Bitcoin, Bonds or Gold? Which is the Best Safe Haven?…Wolf Richter: Inflation, Housing Bubbles, Cryptos,

Top Ten Videos – November 21 2022

Nervous Markets Don’t Know Which Way To Go After Bearish Data, Bullish Hopes & FTX Scandal…Jayant Bhandari: The World’s Fastest Growing and Most Insidious Religion…Jim

Top Ten Videos – November 14 2022

Multi-Bubble Popping Economy with John Rubino…Von Greyerz, Stoeferle & Piepenburg Agree: Gold Is Just Fine…Nietzsche and Nihilism: A Warning to the West…Michael Pento: These Are

Top Ten Videos – November 7 2022

John Rubino: If Comex Runs of Silver Expect Panic Buying…Alasdair Macleod: Credit Suisse Rescue Catastrophic…Lead-Lag Live with Marc Faber…Jeff Deist: The Pretense of Democracy…The MAGA

Top Ten Videos – October 31 2022

Jim Grant: Stagflation & Bear Markets To Define 2023…Bob Moriarty: Are Rising Rates Setting a Debt Avalanche in Motion?…Moderator’s Always Trying To Shut Jeffery Sachs

Top Ten Videos – October 24 2022

Michael Pento: Fed To Inflict Severe Damage On Markets…This is the BIGGEST Reason the WEF Will Fail…Did The Fed Just Bail Out Credit Suisse? (Shocking

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