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Top Ten Videos — July 11 2021

Russell Brand: If you don’t trust the media, watch this … Joe Mazumdar: Why this commodity supercycle is different … Peter Grandich: We’re in the

Top Ten Videos — July 5 2021

Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison: Physical silver is very hard to find right now … Lobo Tiggre: Should silver really be $150 and gold $3k? …

Top Ten Videos — June 27

Keith Neumeyer: Currency collapse, $3,000 gold imminent … Robert Kiyosaki: How to survive a market mania … Harry Dent: The greatest bubble in history is

Top Ten Videos — June 20

David Garofalo: For gold miners, declining reserves are an existential crisis … Ronald Stoeferle: Silver is looking explosive … Chris Martenson: When this runs short,

Top Ten Videos — June 13

Wall Street Silver: “Welcome to the jungle” … Robert Kiyosaki: You need an escape plan with untraceable wealth … Ronni Stoeferle: Why $5,000 gold is

Top Ten Videos — June 6

George Gammon: The coming collapse in cryptocurrencies … Peter Schiff: The US dollar is a meme currency … Lynette Zang: Basel III would be the

Top Ten Videos — May 30

Max Keiser: Dumb money is the new smart money … Willem Middelkoop: Currency debasement can’t be ignored any longer … Rick Rule: Big gold miners

Top Ten Videos — May 23

Russell Brand: Who’s the dictator now? … David Morgan: Will Elon Musk Start Buying Silver And Sell Bitcoin? … Rick Rule: We’ll be in a

Top Ten Videos — May 16

Steen Jakobsen: The commodities boom is only in ‘early innings’, with much higher to go … Steve Hanke: Hyperinflation ‘wiped out’ these great currencies, is

Top Ten Videos — May 9

Egon von Greyerz: This is the endgame for paper silver … Kevin O’Leary: There’s a big problem brewing in the cryptocurrency space … Nouriel Roubini:

Top Ten Videos — May 2

Dave Cullum: The stock market crash will destroy lives … Robert Cialdini: We’re being manipulated out of our money … Edward Snowden: You don’t realize

Top Ten Videos — April 25

Rick Rule: Economic collapse is horridly fascinating … Russell Brand: Leaked UFO videos are real – why’s the Pentagon admitting it now? … Lobo Tiggre:

Top Ten Videos — April 18

Jim Rogers: If bitcoin becomes successful it will be outlawed … Stephanie Pomboy: This is the most overvalued stock market ever … Lobo Tiggre: Could

Top Ten Videos — April 11

Matt Taibbi: Why this bailout is worse than 2008 … Epoch Times: Covid-19 is “definitely laboratory driven” … Max Keiser: Why you need gold, bitcoin

Top Ten Videos — April 4

Francis Hunt: The end of the mega debt cycle is close at hand … Will Rhind: Explosive silver price movement coming?… Max Keiser: The Ponzi

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