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Precious Metals Stock Watch

Gold will gain from dedollarization…Goldman Sachs expects commodities supercycle…COT gold, silver & USDX report…Gold sees heavy profit taking, position evening as fed decision looms…The fed

Breaking News

Bannon: the banks are all insolvent…This financial crisis will be like none other in history…11 Days of Turmoil That Brought Down 4 Banks And Left

Top Three Videos – March 4 2023

Bakhmut, Ukraine surrounded. Old men and young soldiers plea to go home… Tavi Costa: Economic Expectations and the Commodities Bull Cycle… March 2023: Sprott Money

Top Three Videos – March 3 2023

Egon von Greyerz: $2 quadrillion in global debt looms over the markets, Paper assets could implode… Dr. RW Malone: the biggest propaganda campaign in the

Treating Adults like Children

Guest post from Jason Sorens at AIER: New Zealand recently passed a law permanently prohibiting the sale of tobacco to anyone born on or after

Top Three Videos – March 2 2023

Trudeau berates Canadian taxpayers on freedom and liberty… Zelensky says US will need to send soldiers… Alasdair Macleod: Central Banks On Crisis Watch BONUS: Unbelievable

Charles Hugh Smith: Stainless Steal

Guest post from Charles Hugh Smith, Author at Oftwominds.com: The decay in quality reveals that the collapse of the neoliberal-hyper-financialization-hyper-globalization model has already occurred. I’ve

Top Three Videos – March 1 2023

John Rubino: Trump Eggs and Trump Water are Coming… Biden’s “Lesson” from A long time ago… Bob Moriarty, Quentin Henigh, and Jay Taylor: How Will

Top Three Videos – Feb. 28 2023

How to Make a Boatload of Money in Uranium: Rick Rule, Warren Irwin, Fabi Lara, Nick Hodge War-time economy and gold’s $2k target Tom Woods:

Choose: Positive Real Rates Or Collapse

Guest post from Karl Denninger at Market-ticker.org: It’s really not very complicated. If there are negative real rates of interest, defined as the cost of

Top Ten Videos – February 27 2023

Legend Bob Moriarty Explains Why He Is Investing in This Mineral Exploration Company!…Charles Hugh Smith: Turmoil Ahead As We Enter The New Era Of ‘Scarcity’…John

Top Three Videos – Feb. 26 2023

Egon Von Greyerz: Can We Avoid WW3 In The Coming Global Economic Collapse? Tavi Costa of Crescat Capital: We’re In the Early Stages of a

John Rubino: Will 7% Mortgages Crush Housing?

Guest post from John Rubino: Between 2020 and 2022 houses in America’s hottest real estate markets went from unaffordable to 50% above unaffordable. Put another

Top Three Videos – Feb. 25 2023

The Uranium Thesis is Being Validated… Trudeau’s minion openly brags about seizing bank accounts… Mike Maloney: We Will All Be Trapped; Something Big Lurking Beneath

Adam Hamilton: Gold Investors Still MIA

Guest post from Adam Hamilton at ZealLLC: Gold’s sharp selloff this month has been driven by a confluence of factors.  Entering February short-term overbought, a

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