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Vince Lanci: Why silver’s price has been lagging gold’s…Hemke: No interest in COMEX silver…Gold’s Short Squeeze Continues…Banyan gold jumps on step out drilling results…Gold or

Breaking News

Central banks piling on the pressure…Wall Street warns of riskiest US debt limit showdown since 2011…Something’s gotta give…Rubino: We’re close to a death spiral in

John Rubino: Gold or Silver?

Guest post from John Rubino from his Substack: At first glance, gold and silver seem pretty fungible. They’re both hypnotically pretty. Their prices tend to

Top Three Videos – Jan. 21 2023

Michael Pento: Global Recession & How Not To Get Crushed Financial… Post-Bottom Sentiment & Sentiment Pre-Breakout (in Gold)… Davos: Has Globalism Peaked? BONUS: Would you

Adam Hamilton: Gold, Miners Golden Crosses

Guest post from Adam Hamilton from Zeal LLC: Gold and its miners’ stocks both just flashed major Golden Cross buy signals. These powerfully-bullish indicators are

Top Three Videos – Jan. 20 2023

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden resigns. Here’s her (*&^%$ legacy… Ivan Provorov stays true to his faith… Prime Time Runs for School Board… BONUS:

Political Salvation Is Slow Suicide

Guest post by George Ford Smith from the Mises Institute: The number one threat to our lives and prosperity is the US government. How could

Top Three Videos – Jan. 19 2023

Canada’s Alberta Premier Smith Responds To Trudeau’s ‘Just Transition’ Statement… Michael Oliver – Searching for Hope in a World Going Mad! Gold Winding Up For

Top Three Videos – Jan. 18 2023

Peter Krauth: Silver: A Long Bull Market?… Minister of Economy of Ukraine talks about plan to attract foreign investment… John Rubino: The Golden Rule is

Top Three Videos – Jan. 17 2023

Climate activists block private jet airport in Davos ahead of 2023 World Economic Forum Conference… Alasdair Macleod: Silver’s Role As Money In Our Future… Metals

Top Ten Videos – January 16 2023

Joe Mazumdar: 2023 Copper, Gold Outlook in Mining…Jordan Roy-Byrne: Gold, the Most Significant Breakout in 50 Years…Jordan Peterson and Chloe Cole: Detransition: The Wounds That

Top Three Videos – Jan. 15 2023

Lyn Alden: Nations Don’t Want Their Dollar Holdings Frozen… There’s a Reason Central Banks Around the World are Accumulating Gold… How to Suppress Your Emotions

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