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Central banks piling on the pressure…Wall Street warns of riskiest US debt limit showdown since 2011…Something’s gotta give…Rubino: We’re close to a death spiral in the financial system…The biggest collapse in M2 money supply since the great depression…Tokyo inflation rises above 4%, prompting yen gains…Intel’s ‘historic collapse’ triggers selloff in chip stocks…

The Economy and Markets

1/29  Recession Watch: US economy is on shaky ground – MW
1/29  Central banks piling on the pressure – GM
1/29  Wall Street warns of riskiest US debt limit showdown since 2011 – FT
1/28  What do initial claims suggest about timing of a recession? – MT
1/28  Are you the collateral damage of central planners? – EP
1/28  A “debt doom loop” is now fully engaged – QTR
1/28  Bond strategists take axe to US treasury yield forecasts – Reuters
1/27  Something’s gotta give – FR
1/27  Rubino: We’re close to a death spiral in the financial system – YT
1/27  The biggest collapse in M2 money supply since the great depression – MT
1/27  Tokyo inflation rises above 4%, prompting yen gains – Yahoo
1/27  Intel’s ‘historic collapse’ triggers selloff in chip stocks – Reuters
1/26  US economy slowed but GDP still grew 2.9% in Q4 – BB
1/26  Debt-Limit showdown splits credit raters on us downgrade trigger – Y
1/26  U.S. inflation prompts fresh look at long-ignored money supply – R
1/25  Subprime auto-loan delinquencies rise to 2019 levels – WS
1/25  One giant financial std and everybody is infected – USAWD
1/25  U.S. treasury activates another maneuver to avoid breaching debt limit – R
1/25  The state of global trade union membership – ZH
1/24  Blank check? Dems want to totally eliminate debt ceiling with new bill – ZH
1/24  China Slams US on Debt Limit and Accuses Washington of Sabotage – BB
1/24  Japan’s factory activity extends declines for third straight month – R
1/24  Hiding from opportunity – IM
1/23  Nike’s flagship store closes in Seattle after 26 years – ZH
1/23  Brazil and argentina are discussing whether to combine currencies – Yahoo!
1/23  Greyerz: What the world is facing is nothing less than catastrophic – KWN
1/23  U.S. lawmakers preparing plan to avert debt-ceiling crisis – R
1/22  Wood: best time in many years for emerging markets – TM
1/22  Banks prepare for deepest job cuts since the financial crisis – FT
1/22  Charting the global economy: growth in china slows significantly – Yahoo!
1/21  Great power conflict puts the dollar’s exorbitant privilege under threat – FT
1/21  Retail tales tell a sad story about the economy – TGR
1/21  Weekly commentary: inflation complacency – CBB
1/21  Contrarian thoughts on the petro-yuan and gold-backed currencies – OTM
1/20  Banks quietly admit to inevitable recession implosion in 2023 – AM
1/20  Open madness in global bond markets: got gold? – GS
1/20  Google CEO tells employees 12,000 jobs will be cut – ZH
1/19  Saudi Arabia just killed the petrodollar right in front of our eyes – QTR
1/19  Will global stock markets crash in 2023? – ZH
1/19  What happens when the US hits the debt ceiling? – FT
1/18  Powell to break wall street’s pavlovian response to recession – MP
1/18  Boom! Saudi Arabia announces end of US Petro dollar – HTR
1/18  Key moments in BOJ’s monetary policy – Reuters
1/18  Fed never correctly predicts big downturns – USAWD
1/18  Want to know where the economy is going? Watch the top 10% – OTM
1/18  The government debt threat keeps mounting – WSJ
1/17  China’s 2022 economic growth one of the worst on record – R
1/17  The debt ceiling and wall street’s best worst-case scenario – Politico
1/17  Weekly commentary: market messaging – CBB
1/17  Evidence that economic freedom improves outcomes – AIER
1/17  Empire fed manufacturing survey totally collapses – ZH
1/16  Taxation=Theft – IM
1/16  Richest 1% amassed almost two-thirds of new wealth created since 2020 – CNBC
1/16  Analysis: BoJ’s yield curve control in danger as policy backfires – Reuters
1/15  A ticking time bomb: rising consumer debt and rising interest rates – SG
1/15  How crazy will economic conditions be in 2023? – ZH
1/15  BOJ surprise can’t be ruled out in first move of 2023 – Yahoo!
1/15  Americans are spending an extra $371 a month because of inflation – CNN
1/14  Will you beat uncle sam’s relentless pursuit of your wealth? – EP
1/14  Weekly Commentary: Market Messaging – CBB
1/14  Emerging market governments raise $40B in Jan borrowing binge – FT
1/14  US banks see consumers piling on debt, boosting bottom lines – Yahoo
1/13  World Bank: Global economy going into recession – CNBC
1/13  What inflation would look like in a true free-market economy – IM
1/13  Market to fed: the economy can’t handle restrictive rates for long – ZH
1/12  Where Washington money goes, Wall Street money follows – CR
1/12  Eggs are the new bitcoin… – CFP
1/12  China: the strong bullish case for 2023 – AT
1/12  Europe debt demand is already at half a trillion dollars in 2023 – Yahoo!
1/11  US Public Pension Debt Topped $1 Trillion in 2022 – BB
1/11  The buy now, pay later bubble is about to burst – Atlantic
1/10  The companies conducting layoffs in 2023: here’s the list – WSJ
1/10  What if the “black swan” of 2023 is the Fed succeeds? – OTM
1/10  US banks get ready for shrinking profits and recession – Reuters
1/10  Swiss National Bank reports $143 billion loss, its largest ever – UPI

Real Estate Bubble

1/27  Prices of existing homes fall 11% from peak. Sales hit lockdown low – WS
1/27  Hong Kong home prices drop 15.6% in 2022, snap 13 years of gain – R
1/23  Existing home sales drop in December to slowest pace since 2010 – CNBC
1/21  Homebuyers canceling purchases at levels that exceed what we saw in 2008 – MS
1/21  Prices of existing homes fall 11% from peak. sales hit lockdown low – WS
1/21  U.S. home sales slump to 12-year low – R
1/13  Wells Fargo shrinks mortgage services business – CNBC
1/13  Housing Bubble dwarfs 2008… – RIA
1/11  Wells Fargo, once the #1 mortgage player – CNBC
1/10  German property market plummets – RT
1/08  How the Federal Gov. destroyed the housing market – YT
1/08  U.S. home searches spike on ‘the zillow of asia’ – CNBC

Precious Metals and Mining Stocks

1/29  Here’s why there will be increased demand for coal – IM
1/29  As debt & stocks implode, east gold & oil will explode – GS
1/29  Gold sentiment: room for more bulls – DG
1/28  Adam Hamilton: Gold-stock sentiment neutral – 321Gold
1/27  Gold-backed currencies to replace the US dollar…? – UNZ
1/27  Gold stocks: profit booking & fresh buys – 321Gold
1/26  Junior miners: in search of the next 50-bagger – Rubino
1/25  This year sets up ‘bullish concoction’ for commodities – Kitco
1/24  Gold sees routine profit-taking, downside correction – Kitco
1/24  Gold stocks are not yet unique, but that’s coming – NFTRH
1/24  The only gold stocks you really need – JR
1/23  Top 5 reasons to buy gold & silver in 2023 – BG
1/22  Mickey Flup: The metals, money, and markets weekly – Kitco
1/21  Gold has room to move higher but sentiment is starting to shift – Kitco
1/21  Gold short squeeze continues – GM
1/20  Gold price powers to 9-mo. high on safe-haven demand, bullish charts – Kitco
1/19  Fed’s hawkishness hasn’t reduced gold demand – BG
1/18  Gold at $1925: key investor tactics – 321Gold
1/16  Gold has historically performed very well during stock market crashes – MS
1/16  Gold Is Getting Its Glitter Back – BB
1/15  Adam Hamilton: gold buying only starting – 321Gold
1/15  Gold, silver kick off 2023 in style – Kitco
1/15  Gold stocks: this rally has momentum – 321Gold
1/14  China still dominates the rare-earth market – ZH
1/14  Gold challenges $1900 – GoldMoney1/13  Jack Chan: this past week in gold – 321Gold
1/12  Perth mint sees record bullion sales in 2022 – Kitco
1/11  Gold prices surge on expectations for slower fed rate rises – FT
1/10  Gold trades near 8-month high and analysts expect its rise to continue – CNBC
1/08  What can stop gold now? – DG
1/08  China Extends Gold Buying With Fresh Flows to Central Bank – BB

Monetary Madness, Cryptos & Currency Wars

1/20  2023: the year regulators finally grasp crypto? – CD
1/19  FTX US balance update 2023-01-17 – SBF
1/19  FTX pre-mortem overview – SBF
1/19  Crypto lender genesis preparing to file for bankruptcy – Reuters
1/18  BofJ defies market pressure and holds firm on yield curve control – FT
1/18  BOJ jolts financial markets but risk of a bigger shock remains – Yahoo
1/18  1 in 3 members got cash from FTX… – CD
1/18  CBDCs set to disrupt dollar dominance – AT
1/17  BOJ policy change fears sideline bond sales with spreads rising – Yahoo!
1/16  Explainer: how does japan’s yield curve control work? – Reuters
1/15  Bitcoin price rally over $21k… – CT
1/12  Crypto brokerage blockchain.com lays off 28% of workforce – CD
1/11  Coinbase CEO still among those “who believe in crypto” – WS

Sanctions, Shortages & Supply Shocks

1/28  As the Colorado river shrinks, Wash. prepares to spread the pain – Yahoo!
1/27  In unexpected swing, Germany’s public now favors nuclear power – OP
1/27  Europe’s energy crisis leaves almost all of Pakistan without power – OP
1/26  Crushed bug ‘additive’ now included in pizza, pasta & cereals across EU – SN
1/24  Netherlands to shut down Europe’s largest gas field – OP
1/24  Extremely tight market could push copper prices to record highs – OP
1/23  China to accelerate the construction of coal-fired power plants – OP
1/22  The 13 food shortages to expect in 2023 – THM
1/20  Dallas Fed warns: Texas power grid still at risk during extreme weather – NN
1/19  Poszar was right: saudis confirm non-dollar oil trade plans in Davos – ZH
1/19  A lesson from the energy crisis: we need more American oil & gas – OP
1/17  French and german power prices soar as cold sweeps Europe – ZH
1/16  What the end of the US shale revolution would mean for the world – FT
1/13  Venezuelan oil in US to recover billions it is owed – WJ
1/12  Biggest US grid had 23% power-plant failure in December storm – Yahoo
1/12  Flight delays live updates: disruptions cascade across US – AP
1/12  Washington has trouble refilling SPR after 220 Million Barrel Draw – NC
1/10  West-bound Russian oil goes to Asia instead – RT
1/10  Kroger shoppers reporting “a lot of empty shelves” – IW
1/10  Torrential rains trigger flash floods across California – ZH
1/07  Great Salt Lake set to disappear within 5 years due to ‘megadrought’ – DM

The FED Fail Blog

1/25  2023 prediction: the Fed’s inflation fight is far from over! – TGR
1/25  Corporate bond bonanza may be too much, too soon – Yahoo!
1/24  Fed needs mortgage-backed securities exit plan ‘earlier than later’ – R
1/21  inflation spikes to 41-year high in Japan. Reckless Kuroda lets it rip – WS
1/21  Treasury has about $500 billion of headroom after debt limit hit – Y
1/21  How the Fed fuels the WEF’s managerial revolution – MI
1/14  US will reach the debt limit on Jan.19, Treasury Sec Yellen – DM
1/14  Yellen warns of US default risk by early June, urges debt limit hike – R
1/11  Yellen to stay on as Biden’s Treasury Secretary – Axios
1/11  Powell slaps colleagues who seek to tackle climate change – DM
1/11  Fed Chair warns president Biden “we will not be a climate policymaker” – MT
1/09  Is the Fed trying to wean markets off monetary policy? – ET

War and Civil Unrest

1/29  Iran says drone attack targets defense facility in isfahan – Y
1/29  Russia threatens to unleash ‘combat robot’ to burn Ukraine tanks – EAT
1/28  SAKER: Sees war between West & Russia – TBP
1/28  ‘Russia is now at war with NATO and the west’, Senior EU official admits – DM
1/28  In Beijing’s backyard, US demonstrates its military might – Reuters
1/26  Two Iranian warships arrive in brazil, head for panama canal – D
1/26  EU urged to embrace ‘war economy’ – RT
1/26  Russian ship conducts simulated hypersonic missile launch off US coast – HTR
1/26  Furious Russia vows western vehicles will ‘burn’ – DM
1/25  All is not well for Ukraine – AT
1/25  Iran’s weapon exports are becoming a big problem for the west – OP
1/25  Video: trainload of US Heavy Armor moving east (Ukraine?) – HTR
1/24  Germany: Ukraine losing hundreds of soldiers every day – AW
1/24  World on brink of WW3 due to west escalating, Medvedev warns – ZH
1/24  Lavrov claims west stopped Ukraine peace negotiations… – DM
1/23  Ukraine: is the hammer about to fall? – GR
1/23  Let’s nuke the world over who governs Crimea – CJ
1/23  Russia holds drills focused on “repelling air attacks” on Moscow – ZH
1/22  Why Russia maintains friendly relations with one of NATO’s key members – RT
1/21  Austin Warns US Allies Time Is Short Before Russian Offensive – BB
1/21  The Ukraine war is over except for some more dying – 321Gold
1/20  Russian ‘intelligence gathering ship’ off Hawaii Coast – Sun
1/20  Most NATO members have run out of weapons for Ukraine – RT
1/20  Putin’s secret attack plan would be Ukrainian nightmare – Y
1/19  Game-changing Russia – Saker
1/19  Diplomatic cables show Russia saw NATO expansion as a red line – USRA
1/19  Revisiting Russian objectives in the Ukraine – Saker
1/18  Russia vs West tank fight next phase of Ukraine war – AT
1/18  As Russia, china & India ‘support’ Iran with its nuclear bid – EAT
1/17  South African Navy set to welcome China and Russia – GC
1/17  British Army Chief comments on tanks for Ukraine – RT
1/16  Ukraine gets 5 types of artillery to strike Russia from NATO countries – ET
1/16  Russia says British tanks sent to Ukraine ‘will burn’ – JPost
1/16  NATO promises more heavy weapons for ukraine – RT
1/15  Happening now: large barrage of Russian missiles hitting Ukraine – HTR
1/15  Five killed as Russian missile hits infrastructure – Reuters
1/15  The state of military conscription around the world – ZH
1/14  Israel agreed to transfer anti-missile, drone tech, Ukraine claims – JPost
1/14  F-15 fighters to ‘challenge’ Sukhoi flankers in Japan drills – ET
1/13  Bob Moriarty: America’s dumbest war – 321Gold
1/13  Russia sends its biggest gun to Ukraine – RMX
1/13  Taiwan defense ministry reveals rare cooperation with NATO – AW
1/12  Iran to station warships in Panama canal – FB
1/12  US ally threatens to acquire nuclear weapons – RT
1/12  More for Russia: 4 subs, 12 warships, hypersonic missiles & nuke bombers – ET
1/11  Fighting rages over Ukraine’s Soledar despite claim of control – Reuters
1/10  Dem. homes being shot-at in New Mexico – HTR
1/10  Where people from Ukraine are fleeing to – ZH
1/10  Russia is now fighting NATO in Ukraine, top Putin ally says – Reuters
1/10  Russian (senator) says Russia “at war with all of NATO” – HTR
1/09  Zelensky thanks US for $3B, calls it an ‘awesome Christmas present’ – AW
1/09  US military deepens ties with Japan and Philippines to prepare for China – FT
1/07  Fighting Rages in Ukraine on Ortho. Xmas Despite Putin’s truce call – Yahoo
1/07  “Put “zircon hypersonic missiles . . . 100 miles from potomac river” – HTR
1/07  Russia’s 200-ton hypersonic ‘monster missile’ enters serial production – ET

Politics, Authoritarianism and Censorship

1/29  Two settlers critically injured in East Jerusalem shooting – TC
1/28  How george soros funds ‘fact checkers’ to silence dissent – NYP
1/27  Russia State propaganda alums launch new DC media venture – Axios
1/27  CIA director visiting Israel, West Bank violence concerns intensify – Axios
1/27  Pretend-O-Rama – Kunstler
1/26  Judge orders release of body cam footage showing attack on Paul Pelosi – BB
1/26  Angry mob chases down Justin Trudeau… – CFP
1/25  Non-Violent J6 protester faces life in prison – SN
1/25  Austria’s anti-immigration freedom party (fpö) now country’s #1 Party – RMX
1/24  Russia orders Estonian ambassador to leave country – BBC
1/22  Lockdown lunatic Chris Hipkins to become New Zealand’s next PM – manuIWal
1/22  Facebook and youtube ban video of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla… – CFP
1/21  RW populists revolt: Trump tax returns, Mccarthy’s speaker vote + more – GG
1/21  World Economic F*ck’em – QTR
1/21  Davos: has globalism peaked? – MI
1/21  Davos Attendee: Agenda is to create a “new world order” – SN
1/20  How Al Gore amassed a $330M climate fortune by terrifying everyone – RS
1/19  Over 500 advertisers have paused spending on twitter – R
1/19  Lula questions advantages for Brazil of independent central bank – Yahoo!
1/18  John Kerry says an ‘extra terrestrial’ force brought people to Davos – DM
1/18  INFOGRAPHIC: key revelations of the ‘twitter files’ – ET
1/17  World Economic Forum declares “misinformation” a top “global risk” – SN
1/17  Biden signs onto ‘declaration of north america (dna)’ – LH
1/17  UK government to block controversial Scottish bill on gender reform – RMX
1/16  Global political elite skipping Davos – RT
1/16  Why was Hunter paying Joe Biden $50k per month to rent house? – ZH
1/14  The cycle of freedom – IM
1/13  Doocy brings down the house during grilling of WH on classified docs – RS
1/13  Pfizer gives $1 million to Mitch McConnell – KL
1/12  FBI reveals it uses CIA and NSA to spy on Americans – WT
1/12  Gov. Pritzker signs assault weapons ban – CBS
1/12  Heathrow ‘dirty bomb’ scare as uranium intercepted at UK airport – Express
1/12  14,000 hours of hidden Jan.6 tapes… – CFP
1/11  Switzerland to deploy 5,000 army troops to protect WEF – HTR
1/11  House creates special committee focused on China… – CFP
1/11  The list of WEF summit attendees has been leaked – LS
1/11  Jordan Peterson: Enemy of the State – BI
1/11  What Did Our Speaker Thing Get? – MW
1/09  Taking US-India relations to the next level – AT
1/09  Mass arrests and ‘federal intervention’ in Brazil – ZH
1/09  King Charles III takes the throne – YT
1/09  Is the Fed trying to wean markets off monetary policy? – ET
1/08  Most states lack laws requiring holocaust and genocide education – Axios
1/07  GOP leader Mccarthy elected house speaker on 15th vote in historic run – CNBC

Covid Craziness, Pox, and Pestilence

1/29  hHeretical thoughts on orthodoxies – OTM
1/29  Pfizer responds after director says company developing ways to mutate covid-19 – ET
1/28  Pilots dying at Southwest Airlines at over 6x the normal rate… – TBP
1/28  Gates: After reaping huge profits selling biontech shares… – TBP
1/28  Never act on ‘science’ – MT
1/27  Satire? They knew: why didn’t the unvaccinated do more to warn us? – IQFY
1/26  VIDEO: Pfizer’s head of research admits exploring mutating covid virus for vaccines – SS
1/25  They promised “safe and effective”, we got “sudden and unexpected” – BT
1/23  Africa is starkly unvaccinated, and starkly unvanquished by COVID – ET
1/23  WSJ shreds vaccine makers, Biden admin over “deceptive” booster campaign – ZH
1/18  Preventing The Next Medical Stupidity – MT
1/16  Pickleball players resuscitate man who collapsed… – KSL
1/15  Junk science study on monkeypox in “women” was 47% biological men – NN
1/12  Sen. Sanders blasts Moderna’s plans to hike COVID shot price – DM
1/10  FDA deviated from normal process in Pfizer vaccine approval – ET
1/07  Ivermectin is trending #1… – CFP

Self-Reliance, Health and Prepping for Survival

1/26  6 ways to save money on eggs – Frugalite
1/23  Egg crisis sparks soaring interest in backyard farms – ZH
1/20  Herbs for respiratory support: a prepper’s medicine cabinet – OP
1/18  You need to be thinking now about bartering – OP
1/15  Prepping tips: how to start building a one-year food supply – NN
1/14  Family Prepping: comforts vs. wants – M4S
1/08  Best silver for survival – SHTFBlog
1/05  These herbs support mental wellness – OP
1/05  5 best tactical walking sticks in 2023 – SHFTBlog
1/25  “Shaken awake”: earthquake rattles LA, followed by multiple aftershocks – ZH
1/25  Meet the eco-movement that’s hoping for humanity’s extinction – BT

The Art of Collapse

1/29  Spoofing the Pfizer clown… – CFP
1/29  Map reveals US cities with most homeless Gen-zers – ZH
1/27  The race to the bottom accelerates – OTM
1/26  Ukraine corruption scandal ousts top officials during war – MSN
1/24  George Soros called for NATO to use Eastern European soldiers… – RMX
1/24  2023: Fourth Turning meets mass formation psychosis (part 2) – TBP
1/23  2023: Fourth turning meets mass formation psychosis – TBP
1/23  Edible bugs or weapon? – SH
1/22  He did nothing wrong… – SN
1/22  Epstein island flight logs finally released: what does this mean? – YT
1/22  Federal reserve’s Powell tests positive for covid – CNBC
1/21  Hackable humans at WEF: ‘we can decode faces in your mind, your pin’ – S
1/21  Davos 2023: Referring to the great reset is out but censorship – EN
1/20  Prostitutes charge Davos attendees $2,500 a night – NY Post
1/20  NYC Mayor Adams calls for ‘National Czar’ to manage border crisis – ET
1/20  BoA: customers report funds missing from accounts – NN
1/19  Time for the Fed to declare victory on inflation? Not yet… – CNBC
1/19  Thunberg says Davos elite ‘fuelling destruction of planet’ – F24
1/18  USC removes the word ‘field’ for being ‘racist” – SN
1/18  Saudi Arabia is open to discuss non-dollar oil trade settlements – OP
1/18  The tiktok panic – N
1/18  Microsoft to cut thousands of jobs across divisions – R
1/18  Greta Thunberg carried away by police at demo at german village – DM
1/17  Miss Clown World – SN
1/17  At Davos, mood is somber as many ceos question economic outlook – WSJ
1/17  Chinese communists endorse the ‘davos spirit’ – BB
1/16  New owner of miss universe is a transvestite… – CFP
1/16  A startup transforms abandoned wind turbines into useful concrete – IE
1/16  The best video on climate change that you will ever see – MT
1/16  Frustrated mother shares photo of ‘tiny’ school lunch portions – DM
1/16  Hunter reached a new low in seeking to bar daughter from using name – JT
1/16  What is Blue Monday? Is it really the most depressing day of the year? – LS
1/15  Siberia records minus-80 degrees as talk of polar vortex grows – ZH
1/15  Roomba testers feel misled after intimate images ended up on FB – TR
1/15  Bill gates ignores questions about Epstein on reddit AMA – IP
1/15  Fukushima water to be released into ocean in next few months – Guardian
1/15  Bill Gates: We will overshoot 1.5 degrees celsius of global warming – CNBC
1/14  Neo-Babylonian blindness & coming us destruction – HR
1/14  Yes, Virginia, there is a deep state—and it is worse than you think – Mises
1/14  Nixon threatened to reveal the CIA’s involvement in the Kennedy Ass. – RS
1/13  Bob Moriarty: Climate change agenda is a way to achieve total control – YT
1/13  Decline of Empire: parallels between the US and Rome, part 2 – IM
1/12  Sean Penn introduces Zelensky at golden globes… – CFP
1/12  California’s deadly, record-setting storms are about to get an encore – CNN
1/12  Net zero will lead to the end of modern civilisation – SN
1/11  Jim Cramer goes over his 5 rules for earnings season – CNBC
1/11  Ellen: ‘mother nature is not happy with us’ – BB
1/11  Bill Gates vows to pump MRNA into food supply to the unvaccinated – Rumble
1/11  Macron govt to raise retirement age to 64 – ZH
1/11  The digitization of humanity shows why the globalist agenda is evil – AM
1/10  Canadian doctor who’s euthanized 400 says… – DM
1/10  Classified documents found at President Biden’s think tank – SN

Weird-and-Wacky or Off-Topic News

1/27  Mysterious blue spiral spotted by hawaii telescope – W
1/27  US Tech Tycoon’s extraordinary daily routine for body of a teenager – DM
1/25  Asteroid mining startup Astroforge to launch first space missions this year – Mining.com
1/20  Settlers thought this cliff castle in Arizona was built by Aztecs… – ET
1/16  Scientists propose converting abandoned mines into gravity batteries – IE
1/16  Australia: nation founded by British convicts embraced entrepreneurship – MI
1/16  The rise and fall (and rise again) of music sales, by format (1973-2021) – ZH
1/11  Golden globes viewers call for the return of Ricky Gervais – DM
1/06  Vince McMahon stages WWE comeback, shares rise – CNBC
1/01  Party bus full of dogs is awesome… – CFP
12/31  Cold exposure may inhibit cancer growth by ‘hijacking’ glucose storage – ZH

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