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Precious Metals Stock Watch

Explosive performance for PMs…Gold/Silver: christmas came early…Gold, silver rally amid bullish outside markets, dovish Powell…Dolly Varden Silver: Expanding value & a new institutional shareholder…Peak gold…Inflation

Breaking News

US sec to vote on proposals that could overhaul Wall St. trading…Sprott: Finding order in chaos…Inflation still a problem for Americans, Walmart CEO says…Japan’s economy

Sprott Money: Finding Order in Chaos

Guest post by Craig Hemke from Sprott Money: It’s that time of year when analysts and prognosticators begin issuing their forecasts for the year to

Quoth the Raven: Stay On Target

Guest post by Quoth the Raven from his Substack, QTR’s Fringe Finance: Like every other horrible contrived piece of financial advice you’ve ever read, I’m

Top Three Videos – Dec. 8 2022

Rick Rule: Water Shortage Situation Critical: Our Time is Up Matt Taibbi’s opening and closing statements at the Munk Debates… Trudeau… “It hits you!”  

Richard Mills: The Mother of All Economic Crises

Guest post by Richard Mills from Ahead of the Herd: Economist Nouriel Roubini believes the world economy is lurching toward an unprecedented confluence of economic, financial,

Top Three Videos – Dec. 7 2022

Russia ‘Aims’ Its Bastion Missiles At Japan Amid Simmering Tensions Between Moscow & Tokyo… Sprott Money Precious Metals Monthly Projections… Hawks Announcer Bob Rathbun suffered

Exciting Times: It’s All About Gold

Guest post by Stewart Thomson originally posted on 321gold.com: The 2021-2025 war cycle is currently in a lull and oil is likely to determine what

Top Three Videos – Dec. 6 2022

How to demoralize a nation… Dolly Varden Silver: Expanding Value & a New Institutional Shareholder… Apple and Amazon resume Twitter advertising…   How to demoralize

A Warning (Which We Will Ignore)

Guest post by Karl Denninger from his blog on market-ticker.org: Read this carefully folks.… Municipality and county officials “have formed a plan for the night

Top Three Videos – Dec. 5 2022

Matt Taibbi on Vaccination Passports… Costco on supply shortages of essential items… Central Banks scramble for gold… Matt Taibbi on Vaccination Passports…   Costco on

Gold’s Role in the International System

Guest post from News.GoldCore.com: Investors choose to invest in gold bars and buy silver bars because there is no counterparty risk. In a world where

Top Three Videos – Dec. 4 2022

Schiff: Gas heading to $10 per gallon before Biden’s first term ends… Fascist Netherlands Police clash overturn tractors and beat protestors… Russell Brand: Billionaire Secret

Top Three Videos – Dec. 3 2022

What Just Happened To Gold & Silver? Tucker Carlson summarizes Twitter Files release on Hunter Biden Laptop… Hunter Biden Misinformation MSM Campaigns… BONUS: German Shepherd

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