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Top 10 Videos

Top Ten Videos – Aug 15 2022

New Rule: Fat Acceptance…“We’re Close to the Breaking Point…” – John Rubino… Pricking the Financial Bubble…Why did Biden say 0%?…Who was right? Orwell vs. Huxley…

Top Ten Videos – Aug 8 2022

The Milkshake Theory Explains the Current Strength of the US Dollar…Societal Collapse: Not without losing Houses and Jobs…John Rubino: Why this recession is different than all

Top Ten Videos – Aug 1 2022

FreedomFest 2022: Has Biden created an energy nightmare?…The US Economy is like a ‘Crack Addict’…De-dollarization is accelerating at the speed of China…Steve Bannon: ‘The Fall

Top Ten Videos – July 25 2022

Rafi Farber: 75oz Silver is Realistic in the End Game… Academy of Ideas: Could Politicians in the West Persecute their own People? … E.B. Tucker:

Top Ten Videos – July 11 2022

Maverick of Wall St: Central banks are losing control … Andrew Maguire & Robert Kientz: Derivative market seriously exposed … Stansberry w/ Brent Cook: It’s

Top Ten Videos – July 5 2022

Chris Martenson: The Great Reset is coming for you … Mike Maloney: How the Russian gold ban speeds up the Great Reset … Chris Vermeulen:

Top Ten Videos – June 27 2022

Lynette Zang: The markets no longer believe the Federal Reserve … El-Erian: “It’s uncomfortably possible” that the Fed will push the economy into a recession

Top Ten Videos – June 20 2022

Bob Moriarty: “It’s Only Just Started” … Peter Zeihan: The Collapse of Globalization and America’s Retreat … Robert Kiyosaki: The World Economy is on the

Top Ten Videos – June 13 2022

Lyn Alden: The economy is crashing into stagflation … Edward Dowd: CV19 vax deadliest fraud in history … Jim Rickards: New kind of globalization is

Top Ten Videos – June 6 2022

Daniela Cambone & Brent Johnson: The dollar moving higher will force the great reset and prop up gold … Bob Moriarty: It’s going to be

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