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Top Ten Videos — October 25 2021

G. Edward Griffin: We’re on the brink of totalitarianism; get out of banks and into physical … Peter Boockvar: Gold will double as the Fed

Top Ten Videos — October 18 2021

Gerald Celente: I just bought more gold … Kyle Bass: This is how you get stagflation … E.B. Tucker: Not thinking like the wealthy will

Top Ten Videos — October 11 2021

Michael Pento: Commodities are going to absolutely crater … Michael Oliver: Watch for gold/silver breakout … McAlvany: Inflation is here to stay … Rick Rule:

Top Ten Videos — October 3 2021

Mike Maloney: Who owns the USA? … Egon von Greyerz: We’re getting to the end of the American empire … Chris Martenson: A really big

Top Ten Videos — September 26 2021

Nouriel Roubini: A global debt trap is driving inflation … Egon von Greyerz: The weight of debt will cause bonds to crash, gold to soar

Top Ten Videos — September 19 2021

Jim Rogers: The ‘worst bear market of our lifetime’ is nearing fast … Dan Oliver: $10k gold, credit collapse, dollar devaluation; this is the ‘course

Top Ten Videos — September 12 2021

Simon Black: The money printing can’t stop … Russell Brand: Are you disgusted by this?? … George Gammon: The US will fall into Depression in

Top Ten Videos — September 5 2021

Mike Maloney: Five charts show why real estate has gone insane … Rick Rule: Precious metals do well in times of fear … Lobo Tiggre:

Top Ten Videos — August 30 2021

David Morgan: Banks will seize your money in the coming financial crisis … Gerald Celente: Afghanistan is yet another war that America started and lost

Top Ten Videos — August 22 2021

Jeremy Grantham: This is the top of the cycle … Ronnie Stoeferle: What they never tell you about inflation … Steve Hanke: Will inflation hit

Top Ten Videos — August 15 2021

Rob Arnott: U.S. stocks won’t even beat inflation over the next 10 years …  Marc Faber: Prepare for the end … Joe Rogan: Vaccine passports

Top Ten Videos — August 10 2021

Alasdair Macleod: Here’s why today’s currencies won’t survive … Rich Checkan: Central bank digital currencies were concocted by Satan … Lobo Tiggre: Here’s how the

Top Ten Videos — August 1 2021

Michael Saylor: We’re being patient with bitcoin … Peter Grandich: China’s stock melt-down to spill over to US economy … Bob Hoye : The real

Top Ten Videos, July 25 2021

Paul Craig Roberts: This collapse is so advanced, nothing can be done … Peter Schiff: This entire sector is about to rise 30x … Keith

Top Ten Videos — July 18 2021

Alasdair Macleod: If interest rates go up, the bubble pops … Greg Weldon: We’re facing monetary Armageddon … Russell Brand: Think politics is corrupt? Watch

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