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Top Three Videos – Dec. 1 2022

Meanwhile in Canada… A critique of Biden’s Energy Policy… Texas is Bitcoin Country… BONUS: Australia 2021 – No Governments condemned them… Meanwhile in Canada… A

Top Three Videos – Nov. 30 2022

How CBDCs work in China… 90,000 isolation pods built in China… Alasdair Macleod, Rafi Farber: Will the Fed break the markets? BONUS: Snakes in Suits

Top Three Videos – Nov. 29 2022

Americans Spent More, but Received Less on Black Friday… White House: Keeping a “Close Eye” on Twitter… Canadian Retailer, Simons, uses suicide to promote products…

Top Three Videos – Nov. 28 2022

Wuhan’s had it with COVID lockdowns… Brought to you by George Soros and friends… Deception This Week! Thanksgiving Special News Update…   Wuhan’s had it

Top Ten Videos – November 28 2022

Matthew Piepenburg: Fed Must INFLATE; Investors Are Waking Up…John Rubino: Bitcoin, Bonds or Gold? Which is the Best Safe Haven?…Wolf Richter: Inflation, Housing Bubbles, Cryptos,

Top Three Videos – Nov. 27 2022

Something big is brewing in China… What are these really for? Convoy Lawyer Destroys Justin Trudeau…   Something big is brewing in China… The people

Top Three Videos – Nov. 26 2022

Market Indicators make 2008 look like a rehearsal… Ronan Manly, Rafi Farber: Where is the silver going? Alasdair Macleod: This Will BLOW APART The Euro…

Top Three Videos – Nov. 25 2022

Jesse Felder: The Fed NEEDS more Unemployment to Win Over Inflation… Klaus Schwab says China is a role model for the world… CBS 8 interview

Top Three Videos – Nov. 24 2022

Ronald Stöferle: Life Out of Balance… John Rubino: Bitcoin, Bonds or Gold? Which is the Best Safe Haven? Brazilian Farmers break into the legislature to protest

Top Three Videos – Nov. 23 2022

The Pension Crisis Is So Much Worse Than We Realize… Freedom Convoy lawyers get dismissed… Dumping Dollars: This is Just the Beginning…  The Pension Crisis

Top Three Videos – Nov. 22 2022

“Forget Crypto, Gold and Silver are the Solution”… Macron gets face slapped… World Premiere: Died Suddenly… “Forget Crypto, Gold and Silver are the Solution”…  

Top Three Videos – Nov. 21 2022

“I wouldn’t give this fellow a second thought…” JP Sears tries to figure it out… Zelensky’s wishy-washy blame game over Poland missile “I wouldn’t give

Top Ten Videos – November 21 2022

Nervous Markets Don’t Know Which Way To Go After Bearish Data, Bullish Hopes & FTX Scandal…Jayant Bhandari: The World’s Fastest Growing and Most Insidious Religion…Jim

Top Three Videos – Nov. 20 2022

FBI, DHS get drilled by Senator on censorship… America’s Most Wanted… A Wave of Junk Debt Could Force the Fed to Pivot FBI, DHS get

Top Three Videos – Nov. 19 2022

Fatal Cover-up… Fed Now Causing Massive Damage To The Economy Rafi Farber: SBF Was Only the Tip of the Dollar Pyramid Fatal Cover-up… Fed Now

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