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Top Ten Videos – June 27 2022

Lynette Zang: The markets no longer believe the Federal Reserve … El-Erian: “It’s uncomfortably possible” that the Fed will push the economy into a recession

Top Ten Videos – June 20 2022

Bob Moriarty: “It’s Only Just Started” … Peter Zeihan: The Collapse of Globalization and America’s Retreat … Robert Kiyosaki: The World Economy is on the

Top Ten Videos – June 13 2022

Lyn Alden: The economy is crashing into stagflation … Edward Dowd: CV19 vax deadliest fraud in history … Jim Rickards: New kind of globalization is

Top Ten Videos – June 6 2022

Daniela Cambone & Brent Johnson: The dollar moving higher will force the great reset and prop up gold … Bob Moriarty: It’s going to be

Top Ten Videos – May 30 2022

Stansberry: Gold not part of Wall Street’s playbook and that’s a good thing … Marc Faber: The collapse of empires and collapse of bubbles …

Top Ten Videos – May 23 2022

Jeff Gundlach warns of real recession … Greg Hunter, Peter Schiff: “Transitory inflation” leads to dollar collapse … Danielle DiMartino Booth: Here is when the

Top Ten Videos – May 16 2022

Jim Bianco & Joseph Wang: Fed Chair Powell says goodbye to era of easy money and stock wealth effect … Ron Paul & Phillip Patrick

Top Ten Videos – May 9 2022

Marc Faber: We are already in a recession, and the Fed is trapped … Frank Giustra: Gold is manipulated right now in a world with

Top Ten Videos – May 2 2022

Todd Horwitz: Gold’s correction won’t last, inflation is ‘going to the moon’ … Peter Schiff: Investors on high wire without Fed’s net … Chris Martenson:

Top Ten Videos – April 25 2022

John Mauldin: The coming recession/bear market is going to create ‘marvelous’ buying opportunities … Lance Roberts: Debt bubbles signal sharp recession … Jim Rickards: How

Top Ten Videos – April 19 2022

Mike Maloney: High inflation to bring deflationary bust worse than 1929 … Michael Pento: 30-50% market drop from here, ushering in the worst bear market

Top Ten Videos — April 11 2022

Lyn Alden: Gold is returning as a global neutral reserve asset … David Knight Legg: Is the Ukraine war an energy heist? … Zoltan Pozsar:

Top Ten Videos — April 4 2022

Lawrence Lepard: We stand upon the gold launchpad … Matthew Pieperburg: Debt & war, the signs of a dying empire … Alasdair Macleod: High interest

Top Ten Videos — March 28 2022

Mario Innecco: Putin just fired a financial nuclear weapon … Peter Schiff: Stock investors are bathing in the bond bloodbath … Ice Age Farmer: Food

Top Ten Videos — March 21 2022

Bob Moriarty: Prepare for a perfect storm of financial chaos and bank failures … Doug Casey: Powers of darkness are at play with the digital

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