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Top Ten Videos – October 17 2022

Marc Faber: A Massive Systemic Shock Is Coming & The Fed Is Actively Courting It…Alasdair Macleod: Was the BOE’s Pivot a Warning of Things to

Top Ten Videos – October 10 2022

Credit Suisse & USD Policy: Signs of Systemic Implosion…Brien Ludin: Geopolitics And Precious Metals…Doomberg: Pipeline Explosions and the Drumbeats of War…Thomas Sowell: Why Winston Churchill

Top Ten Videos – September 26 2022

Jim Rickards: 15% Inflation Ahead If Fed Pivots Too Soon…Alasdair Macleod: Final Killer Of Fiat Currencies & Rush To Gold…Robert Kiyosaki: We need less of

Top Ten Videos – Sept 19 2022

Silver continues to leave COMEX…Rick Rule: Uranium is still a contrarian bet in 2022…Is scapegoating going to destroy society?…Kiyosaki: The biggest crash in history is

Top Ten Videos – September 12 2022

Bob Moriarty: The Money Revelation… SILVER ALERT: Boring…Boring…BOOM!…‘Very Hard’ Times Ahead for Global Economy!…Strong Property Rights = Strong Civilization…“A Sisyphean Market” Eric Coffin of HRA

Top Ten Videos – September 5 2022

John Rubino: Nature doesn’t care about rate increases…Gold beats inflation…Veteran US Marine EJ Snyder: How to build a platform bed…Russia makes move for new Gold

Top Ten Videos – Aug 29 2022

David Morgan: This isn’t going to end well… John Rubino: on the geopolitical world splitting in two…When global currencies collapse…History of Money points to a

Top Ten Videos – Aug 22 2022

Why European & global economies dangerously fragile…The Fireworks Show: Fed losses are REAL and Spectacular…WAR: The secret strategy behind Ukraine’s attack on Crimea…WARNING: society itself

Top Ten Videos – Aug 15 2022

New Rule: Fat Acceptance…“We’re Close to the Breaking Point…” – John Rubino… Pricking the Financial Bubble…Why did Biden say 0%?…Who was right? Orwell vs. Huxley…

Top Ten Videos – Aug 8 2022

The Milkshake Theory Explains the Current Strength of the US Dollar…Societal Collapse: Not without losing Houses and Jobs…John Rubino: Why this recession is different than all

Top Ten Videos – Aug 1 2022

FreedomFest 2022: Has Biden created an energy nightmare?…The US Economy is like a ‘Crack Addict’…De-dollarization is accelerating at the speed of China…Steve Bannon: ‘The Fall

Top Ten Videos – July 25 2022

Rafi Farber: 75oz Silver is Realistic in the End Game… Academy of Ideas: Could Politicians in the West Persecute their own People? … E.B. Tucker:

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