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Top Ten Videos – Aug 15 2022

New Rule: Fat Acceptance…“We’re Close to the Breaking Point…” – John Rubino… Pricking the Financial Bubble…Why did Biden say 0%?…Who was right? Orwell vs. Huxley… Equities to drop 40% by Spring 2023? Michael Pento says, probably…The Psychology of Totalitarianism..Dad’s Top 10 (And Totally Safe) Summer Activities For Kids… Bob Moriarty on Dangerous times…


New Rule: Fat Acceptance

“We’re Close To The Breaking Point” | John Rubino


Michael Oliver: Pricking the Largest Financial Bubble in History


Why did Biden say 0%? 

Orwell or Huxley: Who was right?


Jim Rickards:

The Fed has to Maintain Price Stability or Reduce Unemployment 



Michael Pento: Stocks To Fall 40% By Spring?


The Psychology of Totalitarianism


Dad’s Top 10 (And Totally Safe) Summer Activities For Kids



BLACK SWANS Collide, “We’re In Dangerous Times” | Bob Moriarty


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