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Top 4 Precious Metals Stocks from Metals Investors Forum (November 2022 Edition)

The Metal Investors Forum(MIF) is Vancouver’s Premier event for investors of all kinds to get in on up-and-coming publicly traded junior mining exploration and mining companies. These are speculative penny stocks waiting to shoot sky-high, but if you know what to look for gains of 500% are not uncommon within a few months.

Beginners in the mining investment sector will be sure to learn something from both presentations and networking opportunities. Accredited investors have the opportunity to position themselves for private placements before anyone else. In addition, accredited investors gain access to private networks where tax-deductible, flow-through-shares from exploration companies may be offered to reduce taxes.

Those are some of the benefits you receive in normal market conditions(excluding 2001, 2008, and 2015-16 bubbles), say, in the past twenty years or so. Today, these companies like are an elastic band being stretched – ready to launch up and to the right. If you have been following John Rubino for a long time, or are a believer in a new gold standard then you’ll understand these stocks are the easiest and fastest way to profit from the collapse of the US dollar.


“The most lucrative way to profit from gold’s revival is to buy the shares of companies that mine it.”

– James Turk & John Rubino, The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit from It


If you decide to invest in any of these gold, silver, and copper stocks do your due diligence. Remember, what goes up must come down. It is a law of the universe. That is why there are tops and bottoms. In corrective market phases, stocks will regress to the mean. And, after two specific phases of the mining lifecycle, mainly just before discovery, and before production, you have the highest opportunity for gains. So have an exit plan. The sky is not the limit, but for these stocks, the clouds are certainly a reasonable target.

Each of these picks was first invited to the MIF by a newsletter writer. They are credited below, while I am summarizing on their behalf.

These are my top picks from the mining exploration companies presented:


1. Outcrop Silver and Gold (TSX-V: OCG)


Outcrop Silver and Gold was presented by Gwen PrestonResource Maven. They have established a silver resource in Columbia. When fully realized, they say the resource will reap a stock value of $0.75 per share based on current non-diluted share volume. The property holds several silver, gold, and zinc oxide mineralized veins. Over the course of 2.5 years, Outcrop Silver and Gold has accomplished 48,000 metres of drilling. They will have a completed NI 43-101 technical report affirming their resource findings.

On another note, their CEO, Joe, is a veteran geologist with several past successes behind him in varying capacities. When I asked him about his past successes. He went straight for his first discoveries as a junior geologist. For me, that means he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty with the work of finding and moving a project from discovery to completion. If you ever find yourself in Columbia, Joe recommends Barracuda fishing just off the beaches of the Paradise Islands in Columbia.





Backstage Interview



2. Max Resource (TSX-V: MAX)


Max Resources was presented by Eric Coffin, HRA Advisories. President and CEO, Brett Matich shared Max Resources CESAR project in Columbia. Surface samples have produced high-grade copper with a secondary silver resource. This CESAR Basin has never been drilled before and may likely be the last copper mine in Columbia for quite some time. Columbia’s newly elected government vows to protect the environment fully armed with invasive ESG policies. They see mining as a necessary evil – something the “green revolution” could do without. I think they may change their minds once they see how much copper is needed to run wires from solar panels and wind mills to EV charging stations, and power plants across the country. All said though, their government isn’t taking an aggressive stance against mining. In my mind, their stance seems like a bit of virtue signalling resulting from not fully confessing the need for base metals to develop new green technologies.

Anyways, Max Resources location is directly adjacent to the largest open pit coal mine in South America. This is important because copper is often found near coal deposits. Additionally, Max has the advantage of piggyback off the infrastructure built by the coal mine, government, and oil and gas companies (the Chevron just down the road) to lower their costs.

Initial samples from the URU-C deposit are coming in at 9.0M @ 7% copper + 115 g/t silver and 16.8m @ 8.3% copper. 750m East of URU-C returned 19.4m @ 1.3% copper. There are also several other similar high-grade samples on their property found from outcrops in several other locations.

Eric Sprott is an investor at 17.5%, which is a good sign at such an early stage in the mining lifecycle.

It should also be noted that in initial stages, Brett has been more than resourceful with this property. For example, initial samples were assayed by geology students at a University in Poland, overseen by 35 year veteran geologist, Piotr Lutinsky. His expertise in sediment-hosted copper-silver mineralization came mainly from his work related to the most well-known deposit of this type, Kupferschiefer in Poland.

Brett is running a lean operation, and he is cashed up at $18M in the bank with another $8M Options and Warrants owned by the company. Drilling started last month with assay results most likely coming in 2023. Here’s your chance before Max announces a resource discovery.



Backstage Interview


3. Westward Gold (CSE: WG)


Westward Gold was presented by Greg McCoach, The Mining Speculator. Westward Gold has three projects in heart of what’s called the Cortez Trend in Nevada. Barrick Gold, one of the world’s largest gold producers has been mining along this same trend. The Toiyabe Project is Westward’s flagship project. It has past and current drilling results indicating a potentially large resource. Drilling done in 2009 has revealed a resource of 173,000oz of gold at 1.2 g/T.

Colin Moore and his young crew have a well-stacked team of technical advisors. For example, Steven R. Koehler is a geologist they managed attract out of retirement. He has made 11 of the same kind of discoveries in the past. He was part of the famous Cortez Hills discovery, which Barrick Gold is mining just above them.

Drilling has produced near-surface core samples ranging from 2.21 g/T to 12.35 g/T. At depth, you are looking at minimums of 1.01g/T over 25.9m.

Westward is in early stages, and like most exploration and mining companies, their shares have gone down in value since the 2022 came knocking. You can buy shares at $0.08 CAD, which is pretty much half price if you postmark the value at the beginning of 2022.




Backstage Interview

4. Blackrock Silver (TSX-V: BRC)

Blackrock Silver was presented by Peter Krauth, Silver Stock Investor, and author of The Great Silver Bull. Yes, Peter is the author of the great silver bull. He’s also serving up this bull of a silver exploration company – Blackrock Silver. If you’re familiar with the Mining Lifecycle, Blackrock has moved past the discovery stage, and is now in the longtail push towards resource confirmation, and then production. You can make the fastest and easiest gains before, or as these two stages begin.

You can tell Blackrock is past exploration and moving towards production because of the amount of institutional investors now involved as well as one of the world’s biggest silver producers, First Majestic Silver. Andrew Pollard, CEO of Blackrock Silver says,”We have the highest grade asset in the industry. That’s not developed. That’s not a mine.”

Andrew and his team went looking in the right place for silver. Their property, Tonopah West is in the center of silver mining in North America. Yet, this is the first time this property has been explored with new, modern geological equipment since the 1930s. Production had shut down on the property because of the Great Depression. Silver prices went from just over $1 / ounce in the 1920s to $0.25 / ounce 1930s.

Blackrock continues to increase their resource size by buying up land claims, consolidating the largest claim in the district with some of the highest grades currently being mined.

In addition to silver in the ground, Blackrock recently announced a Lithium resource.

If you’re looking for a great buy, the 52-week high-low on Blackrock Silver shares is $0.26 – $1.08. Blackrock is essentially on sale right now (Nov. 14) for $0.38 / share.



Backstage Interview


This is not investment advice. Make sure to do your own due diligence.

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