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Why “Greedflation” Isn’t Real

Guest post from Connor O’Keeffe from the Mises Wire: Even as price inflation slows and we move past June’s peak, progressives continue to push the concept of “greedflation”—that this

Panic Is The Way Of Maintaining Power

Guest post from Kane McGukin originally posted on Bombthrower.com: “This gamble came undone due to the dumping of millions of dollars in copper into the

Uranium’s October Optimism

Guest post by Jacob White, Senior Analyst at Sprott Asset Management: Uranium Performance as of October 31, 2022 Asset 1 MO* 3 MO* YTD* 1

5 Reasons Why Gold is the New 60-40 Portfolio

Guest post by Ronni Stoeferle from Gold Switzerland: 1) Bonds are no longer the anti-fragile portfolio foundation 2022 has been a highly unpleasant year for bonds

MN Gordon: Death of the Cheap Credit Zombies

Guest post by MN Gordon from Economic Prism: On Thursday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that consumer prices, as measured by the consumer price

Sprott: Cautiously Optimistic Ahead of CPI

Guest post by Dave Brady from the Sprott Money blog: Following the FOMC meeting, monetary metals and miners took off Thursday morning. Gold has broken

Why US Mid-term Results Favour Gold

Guest post by Stephen Flood from Goldcore.com: The US midterms have not produced the ‘red tsunami’ so many political commentators predicted. But the Democrats could

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