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GDPNow Is Flashing Stagflation, Maybe Recession

Conventional wisdom holds that the U.S. economy is overheating. New workers are virtually unavailable, raw material costs are soaring, and of course financial asset prices

Bruce C: The Fed Is Getting Just What It Wants

Sometimes the best thing about a blog post is the comments it generates. That’s frequently true on DollarCollapse, especially when friend-of-the-site Bruce C is doing

No Way Does China Save Us From The Next Bust

The world recovered remarkably well from its 2008-2009 near-death experience, thanks largely to China’s decision to borrow an ungodly amount of money and spend it

Chinese Real Estate Imploding?

As China’s massive (and massively corrupt) real estate developer Evergrande circles the drain, an anxious world is wondering if this is an isolated and therefore

This Evergrande Thing Is Serious

China’s Evergrande has been in the news lately, but not always in an understandable way. The real estate developer is just too big and its

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