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Alasdair MacLeod: Free markets’ last stand

Guest post by Alasdair MacLeod from his blog on Goldmoney.com: The British government’s desperate dash towards free markets has failed, badly bungled. The establishment in

James Turk: Gold as Natural Money

Guest post by James Turk from the Mises Institute blog: “The Earth speaks to us through the elements of nature. In every natural thing, we

BIDEN LEGACY: Saudi Arabia will join BRICS

Guest post by Jim Hoth from the Gateway Pundit blog:  Saudi Arabia, the largest U.S. export market in the Middle East, invited Chinese President Xi to visit

Hussman: Estimating Downside Market Risk

Guest post by John P. Hussman from his commentary on Hussman Funds.com: I realize that the entire tenor of market commentary here is ‘A good

Gold Stocks: Key Buy Zones For Action

Guest post by Stewart Thomson from 321gold.com: If US pump gas has a reasonable price and the stock market is in rally mode, American president

CPI: This Game of Chicken is Almost Over

Guest post by Peter Schiff from his blog on SchiffGold.com: The latest seasonally adjusted inflation rate for September came in at 0.38%, dropping to 8.25%

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