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Adam Taggart and John Rubino Video: Endgame for fiat currencies nears as debt & inflation become unsustainable

As governments increase their debt, servicing that debt becomes a bigger and bigger problem. So, are we close to such a seminal breaking point? Dangerously close, concludes monetary historian and DC founder John Rubino…  

That’s especially true if the pile of debt is growing much faster than the underlying economy, which has been the case for decades. This forces central banks to print more new currency in order to enable their governments to handle the debt service payments. But once inflation starts becoming an intractable problem & interest rates can no longer be suppressed, the system breaks. History is clear on this. So, are we close to such a seminal breaking point? Dangerously close, says John Rubino. Adam Taggart and John dig into the reason why, as well as what steps regular investors can consider taking today before that breaking point is reached to protect their wealth.



John Rubino is co-author of the book The Money Bubble along with James Turk.


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