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How You Store It

Everyone with any sense wants to keep some physical gold and silver at home, but no one with any sense wants to keep too much of it there. So as your holdings grow, so does your need for safe storage.

Solari’s Catherine Austin Fitts and Carolyn Betts have published a guide to precious metals storage that covers the main points and names the key names. Here’s their intro:

While we believe that the ideal precious metals storage alternative from many perspectives is a secure, at-home cache, in some cases home storage is not practicable—for example, for particularly large holdings. Also, many investors desire to maintain holdings in a variety of places and legal jurisdictions.

The storage option chosen in many cases, providing convenient access during business hours in case of emergency is a safe deposit box in a trusted local bank. For a host of reasons, however, some precious metals investors prefer or want to supplement local holdings with off-shore institutional alternatives, storage facilities that can provide insurance, accounting and transportation services, institutions that provide digital gold or silver payment systems or custodians or other depositories that provide the security of an established name or governmental entity standing behind the authenticity of their metals holdings. In addition, use of third party storage facilities permits investors with multiple residences or transient lifestyles to hold precious metals in one or more jurisdictions of their choosing based upon convenience or tax or national or economic security considerations.

In this article, we summarize some of the better-known custodial, vaulting, and digital gold arrangements available to individual investors in precious metals and provide a list of considerations for those interested in exploring these and other alternatives available to them. This is not a comprehensive list and our summary is no substitute for individual due diligence, but we hope this will help to introduce new investors in precious metals to the important considerations in arranging for third parties to hold their precious metals investments.

And here’s a link to the full article:


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