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Fed Pivot FOMO and Financial Instability

Guest post by Paul Wong from Sprott Inc.: The tough year continued in October for many asset classes, including precious metals. In our universe, however,

Michael Pento: A Hawkish Pivot

Guest post by Michael Pento from the Pento Portfolio: This latest bear-market bounce was predicated on good seasonality, the hopes for a typical mid-term election

Doug Noland: Powell Building Credibility?

Guest post by Doug Noland from Credit Bubble Bulletin: The guy sounds like a discerning traditional central banker. Powell is an admirer of Paul Volcker’s

Alasdair MacLeod: Oversold Extremes

Guest post by Alasdair MacLeod from Goldmoney: On the back of a further rise in the Fed Funds rate, the gold price made little progress

Social Security is Now One Giant Time Bomb

Guest post by Doug Casey from International Man: International Man: The Social Security Administration recently announced an 8.7% cost of living adjustment for next year. That’s

MN Gordon: Debt Markets Get Trampled

Guest post by MN Gordon from his blog Economic Prism: Anyone with half a brain knew there would be hell to pay for locking down

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